Name Code Latitude Longitude Profiles
Audubon Sanctuary East DI-01 30.245129 N -88.089152 W 16
Audubon Sanctuary East II DI-01a 30.24487 N -88.08907 W 11
Audubon Sanctuary West DI-02 30.244488 N -88.090943 W 24
Public Beach East DI-03 30.245374 N -88.126995 W 19
Public Beach East II DI-03a 30.24537 N -88.12691 W 8
Public Beach West DI-04 30.246538 N -88.129649 W 28
Sam Houston DI-05 30.250241 N -88.158696 W 30
Linder Property DI-06 30.242341 N -88.102788 W 29
Tierra Court DI-07 30.24906 N -88.18351 W 25
DISL DI-08 30.246683 N -88.078216 W 2
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